Amber Heard Destroy’s Johnny Depp’s Professional Career And This Is How Johny Depp Would Make A Huge Come Back

Source: Washington Times

Amber Heard told of years of violence against her former husband Johnny Depp in the latest court document against her in response to her 50 million dollar defamation suit.

In court filings, the actress constantly called Depp “the monster,” arguing that he did not remember violence due to the excessive use of beverages and medicines. In December 2015, the former “Pirates of the Caribbean” star in their LA apartment took Heart from the hair and neck, hit his face down, crying “I will kill you, hear me?”He allegedly dragged her to a bed, struck her head, and broke the bed.

“Often, Johnny wouldn’t remember his delusional and violent behavior after coming off his drunk or medicated states. I believed his multiple promises could and would enhance him because I loved Johnny. I was wrong.

In May 2014, the actress indicated that Depp was beginning to drink, threw items and verbally abused her on a private flight. He kicked Heart back, she said, pulled her down to the ground, and walked through the bathroom for the rest of the trip. Then Depp excused the text and said that he couldn’t remember what was going on. Heard also says, “He’s a bit lost. Heard is a helper. Heard is a helper. In February 2015, he heard and Depp got married, but one month later when he was meant to be sober, he took three days of ecstasy.

“Johnny said that I had not explicitly forbidden him to go into ecstasy. The argument struck me and Johnny pulled me off before I returned to a locked bedroom, “Heard said.

Depp allegedly resumed drinking and abusing his former wife during the three days. Before being hospitalized, he threw her through a tennis table and struck her and wrote messages in blood and oil at the walls.

Heard wrote a post in 2018 and talked about his abuse. The actor submitted a $50 defamation suit claiming his ex-wife said he was the abuser.


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