‘Game Of Thrones’ Actress Talks That Season 8 Is Basically Garbage


Natalia Tena has been watching all the split eighth and last season of the Game of Thrones and there’s been a lot she doesn’t like, as many of you. It even happened that her boyfriend had to leave as she saw because she ran at him for an hour as to how she had turned off by what she saw. Then Natalia called a friend after her boyfriend left. To rant at him. To rant about him.

She sure isn’t alone. We mentioned, the 8th season finale was the lowest show ever to take an Emmy nomination for excellent writing (according to IMDb). However, Natalia’s critique is slightly distinct from your fan’s hotbed — because she was an actress in the darn thing.

Natalia performed wild Osha in the series and told Yahoo’s White Wine Question Time podcast she was okay with the first three seasons 8 episodes. She particularly failed to write after this, but she noticed that it almost felt that entirely separate individuals put the show together as the end came.

“After (Winterfell Battle)… I just didn’t know that,” she said. “The caliber of writing towards the end and the stories and what happens and how they wrapped it up compared to every other season, every other bit, it just feels like distinct people’s writing. For me, it doesn’t make sense.

We should include Natalia’s warning that she was so drunk when she was watching, but that doesn’t alter her cash. “I liked it to the bit where (Arya) stabs (the Night King) in the heart — I liked it up to then,” she says. We, Natalia, did that, so did we.

This certainly stands in contrast to recent comments from various Thrones actors hitting back at criticism of the final season, with Varys actor Conleth Hill going so far as to blame the attacks on a “media-led hate campaign” during Comic-Con. And lest you think we ‘re unnecessarily piling on — consider this just another reminder that the series and in particular its final season will be back in the spotlight next month, when the show is up for a record 32 nominations during the 71st Annual Primetime Emmy Awards set for September 22nd.



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