This Is How You Can Enable “Tab Groups” Feature In Google Chrome


If you want to organize your digital life better, it might be part of your checklist to use Tab Groups in Google Chrome. Many of us are used to shuffling almost every day through hundreds of tabs. But with time, our computational resources begin to take a toll.

Even if you have an incredibly strong machine, it’s a tedious job to deal with so many tabs. We even attempt to sort them across distinct browser windows, but as we visit more and more websites, the clutter only rises.

Anyway, if you want to try out the fresh functionality of Chrome’s tab manager, this is how you can do it.

How to use Google Chrome’s Tab Groups?

As Chrome’s Tab Groups function is presently undergrowth, allowing a Chrome flag can turn it on.

Here, as this Chrome tab manager function operates more effectively on it, you should download Chrome Canary to your desktop. You can also allow it on regular Chrome, but characteristics are missing and it’s not working okay.

You can read the difference here if you don’t understand what’s Chrome Canary.

So, go to Chrome:/flags > Search for Tab Groups > Activate the “Tab Groups” button and relaunch Google Chrome on your Chrome Canary browser.

Then right-click on any tab of your browser and press “Add to fresh group.” If you want to create or create a new one, you can keep adding more tabs to the same group.

You can also press on the option Tab Groups to alter your name or color to suit your needs. For example, for different categories of websites, you can assign different colors, such as red for social media.

One interesting thing I discovered is that when you open a connection in a fresh tab on a website, a fresh group of tabs is created automatically.

Still, a lot of enhancement is needed for this tab management function. If you close the browser and open it again after a while, it can’t resume the tab groups.

I couldn’t discover a way to simultaneously close a tab group. I was also unable to combine various tabs into one that lowers the browser window’s general clutter.

Other Chrome Register Manager extensions There are some major third-party extensions available to group tabs in your browser, if you can’t wait until Google makes the tab grouping function stable.

You can attempt OneTab, for instance, which groups various tabs and saves them to be used later. And if you’re searching for a successful Chrome tab manager then you can consider Toby for Chrome as a healthy option.



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