Tinton Falls Cops Held Father And Daughter At Their Gunpoint And Shot Their Dog: Reports Say


TINTON FALLS – Father and daughter claim that a police officer from Tinton Falls used excessive force to arrest them and to shoot their two German shepherds, killing one outside their home on the Green Grove Road.

The Borough of Tinton Falls was charged by Roberton Fullerton and his daughter Bobbi Rene Fullerton, police officer Adrian Reyes, several policemen knew as “John Does” and federal police chief John Scrivanic with a sum “yet to be determined.”

“They were the victims of excessive violence and this officer (Reyes) kept them at their gunpoint and they were afraid of their minds and all was very painful,” Fullerton lawyer Thomas J. Mallon informed the Asbury park press.

The Teaneck law firm Decotiis, Fitzpatrick, Cole, and Giblin represent Tinton Falls, Reyes, and Scrivanic in the national proceedings. The company did not give the press a phone call requesting comment.

Scrivener could not be achieved for comment instantly.

However, the Federal Court documents reject all accusations, except that Robert Fullerton complied with a Reyes order “to come to the floor on his knees.” The incident happened on 8 October 2017. The complaint was submitted the following year in November.

After a 911 call that Robert and his daughter Bobbi were arguing, the police were sent to the Fullerton house. At that moment, Bobbi Fullerton was a youth, Mallon said.

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There was no physical attack, according to the lawsuit. Before any policemen came, Robert Fullerton got a phone call from “former friend,” Kyle Pearson Tinton Falls Police Officer.

According to the lawsuit, Fullerton informed Pearson that all was okay and that he had argued with his daughter. Pearson then attempted to inform responding officers that there had been no “attack” in the house of Fullerton.

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Nevertheless, the police came to the home of Fullerton and knocked at the door. Robert Fullerton opened the door and walked out. Sadie, a German shepherd of the plaintiffs, was brushed through Fullerton and walked on the driveway “and was shot three times immediately,” said Reyes, or one of the officers of the John Doe court.

Reyes, according to the prosecution, “then instructed Fullerton to get on the floor at a gunpoint with a weapon pointing to his face.

Then Bobbi Fullerton followed Hannah’s other dog out and twice shot Hannah. Bobbi was then instructed, according to the lawsuit, at the gunpoint to the floor.

Sadie died as Hannah was taken to a veterinary hospital. The Fullertons say they incurred veterinary costs above $7,000.

Immobilien Tinton Falls: Tinton Falls house for $750 K The Fullertons were not charged with any Mallon offenses and the press search for municipal documents. Neither was Reyes nor any of the officers of Tinton Falls.


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