A Gunman Shot Two People To Death On A Freeway In Houston!Narcotics Were Found In The Victims’ Car

Source: ABC News

During Thursday night’s rush hour, a gunman shot two individuals to death after a car accident on a Houston freeway. Police officers reported on running the suspect and the reason behind the shooting is not yet known. After the car accident, Gunman started firing.

Notably, shooting wasn’t the issue because the police came on the scene of the crime. An accident was revealed to authorities at 5:55 p.m. On Houston’s East Freeway. But there was a shooting when they reached the place.

Bobby Dobbins, an assistant police chief, notified journalists that after the vehicle accident the gunman began shooting. Describing the accident very similar to “a pit maneuver,” Dobbins said in a press conference that “one of the cars struck and spun the other vehicle.”  Dobbins stating that the two passengers were exiting the vehicle that hit the other. Suddenly one of their passengers began shooting at that vehicle.

Narcotics Found In Deceased’s Car

Dobbins also revealed that narcotics had been found from the vehicle of the victim. Reports from USA Today proposed a witness informing the police that the gunman was connected with a long gun in the style of an assault rifle.

Motive Behind The Crime

Dobbins said, “He got in front of the car and shot rounds into the vehicle’s front window.” With the data that the crime cause is not yet known, he said, “Road rage? An accident? Narcotics? We don’t know yet, so I’m not going to speculate.

Also, he said, “A significant accident on the manner back makes you angry, right? But to see something like that, to an ordinary citizen, it’s just — I mean, our witnesses are upset.

He proceeded with the data about middle-aged people being the victims and being pronounced dead only on the spot.


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