What Is The Right Way To Reply To A Recruiter Message On LinkedIn?


Many U.S. work seekers have more control over their careers with a good labor market, record low unemployment, and constant salary development. Employers look forward to showing you more than the description of the fundamental work. To attract you to their open employment, they beef up their employer branding, advantages, advantages, and insights into their corporate culture.

And one way that recruiters can reach you is through LinkedIn InMail.

InMail messages are private messages that enable recruiters, recruiting directors and headhunters to contact you on LinkedIn without any contact data or introduction.

Receiving an InMail from a recruiter can make you feel unique and demanding, but like so many things in your lives, you get only one shot to create a good first impression. Your profile and perhaps your summary captured their eyes on the social platform, but the key is how you interact when a recruiter hits you.

Seasoned recruiters have a keen eye and are able to spot red flags such as dishonesty, misrepresentation, and work-seekers who are “wishy-washy” about whether they would consider the chance. Therefore, whether you are interested in the work or not, you can talk volumes about how you react. Here are some tips on how best to react to the InMail message of a recruiter.


Hello [name of the recruiter],

Insert commonality or compliment here, such as “Thank you for reaching out with this amazing chance” or “It’s good to get in touch with someone at the XYZ business— I valued your job]!”

I’m interested in the[ company’s] open[ work title] role, I’d be interested in[ hearing more about the chance, learning the role specifics, officially applying]. I’d love to think about[ your business experience, what the team is looking for specifically, why you thought I’d be an excellent fit]. Would you be open to[ call hopping, answering fast 3-5 questions]? It’d be valued so much.

Thank you,

[Name of you]

Why this works: You are showing real interest in both the business and the role with this reaction and showing that you are proactive in proposing the next measures. Sure, it’s the market for job seekers, but you don’t have to play hard to get. If you are interested, demonstrate it and do not hesitate to share your interest and preferred communication method.


Hello [name of the recruiter],

Thank you very much for your InMail.

In my present position at[ business name], I’m fairly pleased, but I would be open to discussing this with you. This role and business look to have some interesting potential, and I never turn down an opportunity to chat about [insert the job/company/industry compelling aspect].

Would we be able to link next week by mobile?

I’m looking forward to talking!


[ Name of you]

Why this works: Sure, in your present job you’re happy, but if you’re open to the correct chance, this reaction enables you to be both frank about your present emotions and leaves space for a fresh position. It tells a recruiter that you are open to selling on the position and considering a fresh business.


Hi[ Name],

thank you for that role reaching out to me! I am actively exploring new opportunities, but I would ideally like to find a position that would allow me to[ work from home, expand my marketing experience, step into non-profit space, earn at least $X annually, etc.]. It sounds like this particular role isn’t exactly what I’m looking for, but do you come across any other possibilities that might be a better fit? If so, I’d enjoy connecting! Or include a sentence with a link to another job opening at the company.]

I have attached my review curriculum and can be reached directly at[ your email address and/or telephone number].


[ Name of you]

Why this works: If your dream business reaches you for a less than perfect position, get your foot in the gate by sharing precisely what you’re looking for. Don’t be afraid to tell them that you are interested in the business and use the introduction as a manner to explore alternatives.


Hello[ Name],

thanks for the[ insert work title] note. While the task seems to be exciting and your company’s job is spectacular, I really enjoy the firm I’m working for at the moment. That said, I’ll definitely be in contact if I’m looking to create a shift in the future.

Again, thank you,

[ your name]

Why this works: Do not just disregard the recruiter for the sake of your professional brand and demonstrate common courtesy. Even though the chance is not right now, it is essential to be humble and grateful when turning down a recruiter. There is no need to dwell on why you are not interested or apologize. Be direct and clear about your situation and leave space for continuing the relationship down the line like any intelligent professional.


Hello[ Name],

thanks for the note. It sounds like an excellent job based on your role description and aligns with where I want to take my profession. I’m looking forward to learning more.

I have[ number of years] experience in[field/industry], as you may have seen on my profile[ or resume]. I have been continuously dedicated to[ the new work entails particular objective, skill or trait]. In my present position at[ Current Employer Name], I lately[ impressive achievement related to the new job] and [add a reference to leadership experience or soft skills.] Could we address this chance in more detail? I would welcome the chance to learn more about the role of[ Potential Employer Name] and share how my abilities and experiences would benefit.

I’m accessible to speak on[ list of accessible dates and times] by mobile. I’m looking forward to talking to you.


[ Name of you]

Why this works: While you may be jumping up and down with enthusiasm due to the appearance of your dream business and job in your inbox, there are better methods to express your enthusiasm than by sending a reply complete of exclamation marks and smiley-face emojis. Show your passion for the position by reacting with a thoroughly designed note reflecting both your abilities and your comprehension of the company requirements of the company. This combo will demonstrate the recruiter that an original interview is totally worthwhile.

Remember, there are a few particular tips when talking to recruiters on any medium:

1. Spark their interest.
2. Be natural.
3. Be direct.
4. Share insight into your decision.
5. Customize your templates.

When a recruiter reaches you, becoming overconfident is simple, but leaving a favorable feeling in every interaction is very crucial. Originally published on Glassdoor, this article is reproduced with authorization.


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