FIFA 20: This Is How Volta Street Mode Saved The Franchise

Source: Geek Soccer

EA Sports have teased their FIFA 20 masterpiece in sports simulation at E3. Fans were excited to see the next FIFA edition. But it was a big hit and fans can’t stop thinking about it. At E3, it presented some interesting characteristics like fresh free kicks and the introduction to the penalty scheme. At the event, however, FIFA had to show so many important things and had minimal time on the showcase. Volta mode is on the list that was omitted from the reveal and now there is another occurrence.

Volta Mode

There was only a small FIFA street session in the travel segment of the game. The fans are so much valued by this edition and they will enjoy the FIFA 20 road mode. FIFA Street is also another FIFA franchise but is no longer on its plate. Adding FIFA 20 road mode is a bonus for fans and it could be a joy to see two matches combined into one. It is called Volta, which features both men and women.

Volta Comprises of:

Build Your Player

FIFA 20 Volta mode gives you the ability to develop your own gameplay, just like a game player. You can personalize your players with their clothes, hairstyles, and tattoos with preferred gender.


You can select your favorite shoes and dress up equipment to join the playground. Also on the list to customize are sweatshirts and sweaters.

Various Playgrounds

Many places such as Amsterdam and the renowned Tokyo Roof are in the game. Cage is also featured in the game in London.

Players Capacity

You can play 3vs3 with no GK, 4vs4 and 5vs5 choices and Futsal is accessible.

Modes of Volta

Volta modes such as Volta World, Volta Story Mode, Volta Online and Volta kick-off are all available. This mode will, therefore, have a tremendous effect on the game and fans are happy to be on board.


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