These Are The 10 Brand New WWE Feuds For Heel Bayley

Source: Cultured Vultures

Grinning at Sasha Banks to reveal the content of their private discussions before taking them public with a chair-assisted assault on Becky Lynch, Bayley’s deep breath following a barrage of chair shots to’ The Man’ must have felt like the freshest in some time.

It’s been a schizophrenic year for’ The Hugger ‘ thus far, with this latest unexpected development perhaps the most positive from several other sideways steps of late.

Heading into 2019, she was laser-focused on reinventing women’s tag team wrestling alongside’ The Boss’ ahead of the introduction of supposedly prestigious straps. She was compelled into a fresh frontier on SmackDown following WrestleMania thanks to abysmal bookings accelerated beyond even measured league expectations. Within weeks of switching shows she was Champion of the brand, seemingly regaining the hearts of the audience in the process.

Source: Forbes

She willingly broke them all this week with pleasure.

Her sensationally-executed Monday Night Raw heel turn was far more than just a change for change’s sake-it was a vital course change for a character that hasn’t so much been trapped in the middle of the road as steamrolled over by others speeding by.

Becky Lynch most notably leapfrogged her (and perennial partner Banks) around WrestleMania season. Maybe it’s why everyone should have seen this coming all the way…


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