An Insider On WWE Blocking Roh Aew From Booking In The Madison Square Garden

Source: PWTorch

It was revealed earlier this week that WWE’s decision to book Steve Austin on the Raw and Smackdown on September 9 and 10 at Madison Square Garden was affected by bad ticket sales. Insider news indicates that WWE blocked ROH from booking the world-renowned Madison Square Garden In the recent episode of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer raised the problem that Raw adheres to being sold out, but the thing that he doubts is Smackdown.

Therefore he states to the reality that Smackdown’s tickets will be sold out or not, the business is still not sure about the weather. Meltzer said WWE doesn’t leave any stone unturned to build obstacles in their competitors ‘ manner, and that’s why tickets get bad sales.

ROH’s Chief Operating Officer shared his capacity on any dates to book the arena. He said, “We had a deal with Garden, and after communication from the WWE they told us they were backing out. We can’t get any dates in any kind of debate.

“Vince McMahon justified this move as the building is highly essential for his advertising heritage. ROH / NJPW G1 Supercard purchased the iconic building in Wrestling Mania this year and so we feel it influences this choice from him.

For AEW to host an event like Raw and Smackdown, MSG is a natural habitat. But it seems they’re going to have to jump over a Stamford size obstacle. Watching how they manage to shoot off the dust from this problem is going to be an exciting thing.


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