Obsessed Man, Chose His Car Over Himself! Hides His Car In The Kitchen Over The Fear Of Hurricane Dorian!

Source: The Inner Sane

A guy from Florida, distracted by his smart car in the hurricane blowing away, did something amazing. Have you ever believed about parking your car inside your house when speaking of amazing? This is the innovative concept conceived by the disturbed person.

What was the concept of mind-bending?

Well, you’ve got to guess it by now. He was distressed by Hurricane Dorian and wanted to relocate his beloved vehicle to a “secure location.” And where is safer than a house? So, inside the kitchen, he parked his vehicle. On Tuesday morning, Jacksonville resident Patrick Eldridge moved his motor vehicle inside his home. His wife, “he exclaimed to CBS News,” was thrilled that he was correct that he could fit in the kitchen.

The hilarious snapshots went viral

Jessica, his wife, shared inside their home on Facebook rib-tickling images of the vehicle.
“My husband feared that his vehicle might blow away and that my vehicle would be in the garage,” she captured the picture. With over 65,000 stocks and 22,000 responses, this update turned out to be insane viral! Eldridge voiced his shock at the internet-blown “wave of folly.” The couple shifted the vehicle out of their house after the storm cleared up and left Florida. While the car wasn’t in hopeless need of security, meanwhile the guy agreed to learn some new stuff. He said he knew another parking place now.

What’s Dorian Hurricane?

A tropical cyclone has recently been named Hurricane Dorian, affecting the eastern coastal regions of the United States. It brought heavy cloud bursts and squalls to Florida as it moved up the east coast. The Bahamas ‘ low-lying regions remained in ruins. At least 20 individuals in the Bahamas have lost their lives, not strictly speaking, and policemen expect the figures to increase. Florida did not get the impetus of the storm, but the Carolina of South and North was preparing for a direct hit. Dorian still has a chance on Thursday or Friday to hit again. Dorian struck the intensity of Category 5, climaxing with 185 mph (295 km/h) sustained one-minute winds. At the time of the Bahamian landfall, the least central pressure reached 910 millibars (26.87 in Hg).


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