Hailey Baldwin Threatens Justin Bieber To Cancel Their Marriage! Is It Because Of Ex Selena Gomez?

Source: Next Alerts

Singer Justin Bieber and model Hailey Baldwin supposedly delayed the date of their fall wedding owing to the pimple breakout of Justin!!

The duo published their marriage cards last week. Hailey is very worried about the pimples of Justin, she decided to postpone the date of the wedding.

A source quotes “When he wishes to get back in the sack, she’s told him to clean up his act. “Sources also said it could be because of stress that caused his pimple fracture. Stress releases some hormones, particularly in the face, which boost oil output. He suddenly felt pressure to grow up and settle down in his life. “A close source said,” He’s just a bit of time and personal space to relieve his stress and ease his mind. “Next month, the duo is holding their anniversary party, but it’s not the first time either, the pair secretly tied knots in New York City last year. With their union, Hailey and Justin could not be any happier. They wouldn’t even consider having another ceremony for their family and friends if they weren’t h.appy with their wedding.

Last time, many individuals were not invited by the couple to their secret wedding ceremony. But now it is anticipated that their family and nearest friends will gather for the ceremony in South Carolina.
The duo sent their guests a nice little card that says “we are happy to have you on this unique day.” Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin eventually saved the invitation to their second wedding for family and friends together with the official date they picked up. On September 30 the Biebers will celebrate their first wedding anniversary and wedding with friends. And it’s not going to be in Canada or New York, where the families of Bieber and Baldwin come from. It’s going to be in South Carolina.

Where it has not yet been specifically disclosed, but sources said this summer Baldwin and Bieber were seen in Palmetto Bluff in the Lowcountry of South Carolina.

Although, the pair still does not reveal the names of customers and venue.


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