Is It Worth Watching? Netflix’s The Spy Starring Sacha Baron Cohen

Source: Uproxx

When a comedian undergoes severe roles, expectations are set too high. But it should not be the case because it is much harder to make people laugh than to make them feel the emotions and drama. This is Sacha Baron Cohen’s stance: stripping him of his humor and attaching him to a script’s boundaries. In the six-episode mini-series,’ The Spy’ released on Netflix on September 6, 2019, Cohen plays a real-life former Mossad agent Eli Cohen, spying on Syria, infiltrating information to the Israeli government.

The opening shot shows the Syrian government’s capture of Eli Cohen and is compelled to write a letter of goodbye to his spouse. The tale rewinds with presenting the early life of Cohen as he smuggled from Egypt to Israel his family and other Jews and later joined them. He’s fighting but pleased with his wife Nadia. The Syrians have been bombing Israel, and Mossad wants to nominate a spy for information. Cohen is finally named and educated in Damascus with an objective of friendship with influential Syrians.

Nadia is pregnant but does not decide to illuminate Cohen. Cohen is provided a final opportunity step away in this high-risk work after the training. He acknowledges and is prepared as a spy to begin a fresh life.

Writer-director Gideon Raff makes the fictional characters look attractive and by depicting Cohen’s profound heroics within Syria, he makes the scenes pleasant. We discover that Sacha Baron Cohen does a great job and is accountable for all the finest scenes. With subtle distinctions, he performs dual roles. The Spy is a tale that is particularly fast and riveting, and all the more impressive considering the truth of most of the submitted occurrences.


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