Step Father Molested His Daughter While Mother Was Sitting And Seeing It Quietly

Source : the Digital Wise

Her stepfather Anokye Andrews, 44 when she was ten years old, physically damaged a girl Rochelle Gray now 28-year-old. Rochelle disclosed how she had to be damaged several times by her stepfather when she was three times pregnant. The event took place before her mom, and she was sitting silently.

At the age of twelve, the victim had an abortion three times. But when Rochelle’s mother heard she was about to open up, her mother, Mary-Louisa Andrews, 50 years old, branded Rochelle as a liar and seeker of attention. Mother is a lady who is 50 years old, and she still tries to cover up the violence.

Anokye Andrews, 44, the accused stepfather, had been imprisoned for twenty years, and his wife, Mary-Louisa Andrews, 50, had been convicted of child cruelty for five years. The 28-year-old victim Rochelle Gray said while speaking to the press that she now eventually feels secure with the pairs behind the bars. But she’ll never forget her mother’s betrayal and how she’s been given to that monster father. Rochelle said she also wanted other survivors to understand they could even get justice.

In the year 2000, Rochelle’s mother began dating Andrews and treated her like a princess, and after only 5 months they got involved. First of all, Rochelle was abused by her stepdad monster when they watched TV together and warned not to tell anyone. Rochelle always prevented her stepfather and clothed himself in front of her one afternoon, and that was the first time he had destroyed. From then on Andrews used to molest her four times a week and only at the age of 12 she became pregnant. She informed her mother that the father was a college man and was taken to a clinic where she had an abortion.

After two years, Rochelle became pregnant again because Andrews continually raped his daughter. She had told her mother this time that Andrews had been physical with her several times, but her mom began to cover her husband by stating her daughter was a liar and a seeker of attention. Rochelle asked her mother to think that her so-called husband had crossed the boundaries with her several occasions, but she ignored her and took her to the hospital for abortion where she informed doctors that her boyfriend had made Rochelle pregnant.

The “living nightmare” continued–with Andrews raping Rochelle most evenings as she knew what was going on next to her mom. For the third time, Rochelle became pregnant again and her mother, Mary-Louisa, paid for a private abortion and used her own name on the forms to avoid being suspected.

She came out when Rochelle turns 17 and told her partner Daniel about all the horrific times and her parents were imprisoned when her partner helped her. At Aylesbury Crown Court, both couples were discovered guilty and now had to serve in prison for a total of 25 years.


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