These Are The Reasons Why Google Stadia Can Be A Major Flop

Source: Comics Beat

Google Stadia, a revolution in gaming that shook the whole condition of gaming. Consoles are at imminent risk of extinction after the announcement. Even the cloud was stored by Sony and Microsoft. It already retains the opinion of the consumer that this may change the condition of the game, but stadia may be wrong.

Here are some reasons why the expectations of people were not met by Google Stadia.


Google Stadia is a streaming service that provides a better portability gaming experience. But this factor couldn’t be good for Google as the quality of games couldn’t be as anticipated up to the mark. Then users should definitely migrate for better quality gaming to consoles and PCs.

Subscription Prices

There is no such information about Google Stadia’s prices and if the prices are going to be high at such rates that gamers can not afford. Then for them, this must be a huge blow, services such as PS Now are accessible for $30 a month. Google Stadia should, therefore, restrict its prices at affordable rates in order to allow a smooth release.

Internet Requirements

The streaming service concept is based entirely on Internet speeds. If the platform launches high-speed demands then this must be an enormous issue for the business. Since high-speed internet is still an issue in many regions of the country, Google must be very cautious.

Games Developer Agreements

If Google Stadia is not going to give their customers decent games then there is no larger issue than this. For their profit and income purposes, game developers skipped many platforms. So axing Stadia won’t be a poor move for Games Developers to make earnings.


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