Will There Be A ‘End Of The Fking World Season 2?’ Release Date, Cast And Other Updates Are Here

Source: Daily Express

The End of Fking World is a series made with the UK’s Channel 4 about James and his first prospective victim, Alyssa, a self-proclaimed adolescent serial killer. On an impromptu road trip, turning into a law-run crime-filled run. It became an immediate hit, but it consisted of only eight episodes and a shocking finale that cuts to black before you discover the destiny of James, questions arose almost immediately surrounding a second season.

Although some fans argued that there shouldn’t be a fresh season. The show posted an image of the spectacular final scene of Season 1 on August 2018, followed by the text, “We’ll be fking back.” Beth Willis, Channel 4’s head of drama programming, told Deadline, “We’re so proud that this worldwide achievement tale started at Channel 4 and a second series is on its manner.

There is no formal release date news yet. But late 2019 could hit the series.

It is verified that they will take over their positions as James and Alyssa from Alex Lawther and Jessica Barden. However, as for the remainder of the cast, all is still in the air.

Netflix and Jessica Barden took their grip on social media and announced that the series ‘ filming had started. In addition to a picture of Barden camera-ready as Alyssa, the cover of her Season 2, Episode 1 script also presented an picture.

Season 1 concentrated on the death of James. Maybe the fresh episodes follow the legal bind that James and Alyssa are now in — and it’s feasible they’ve become quite a high-profile situation based on the reality that their young runaways wanted to kill. Or James died, he’ll be back in flashback.


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