Marvel Might Soon Get To Make A Standalone Silver Surfer Movie

Source: Maxim

It is reported that Marvel Studios is developing a fresh silver surfer-based film. The news comes sooner this year after Disney effectively purchased 21st Century Fox. Kevin Feige, who has already announced a new Blade movie and teased the X-Men and Fantastic Four for the future, now controls all Marvel Fox resources. However, when he announced the torrent of Marvel Cinematic Universe during the D23 Expo and San Diego’s Comic-Con a few weeks earlier, Kevin did not mention a Silver Surfer film.

Marvel Studios may actively develop the new Silver Surfer film, according to sources. So this is going to have to go into the collection of rumors for now. But a Norrin Radd-based film would be tremendous, and more than likely Kevin Feige is the right choice to see it through. One must honestly wonder if Feige is even sleeping with all those projects currently on hand at different stages of development.

Adam McKay, co-writer and director of’ Ant-Man’ and’ Step Brothers,’ voiced his interest in a possible Silver Surfer film. He talked about wanting to be part of the project back in 2018, but the movie didn’t seem like it could ever occur at Marvel Studios at that moment. Since then, a lot has altered in a year. Last year, McKay had to say this about the project.

“Silver Surfer is the film I’d like to do, man. I’d do anything to make the Silver Surfer film because you could visually do what the Wachowskis did with the Silver Surfer Speed Racer. Simultaneously, there is a wonderful emotional tale in it, man, where Norrin Radd must decide to save his planet. That would be the thing, but I believe Fox owns the rights to it… “Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is coming up and starting with the long-awaited independent Black Widow movie.

MCU’s next stage will feature many MCU TV shows on the Disney streaming services and catch up on the theaters by the end of 2022. With the Galaxy Vol Guardians. 3 And Blade on the manner, Fantastic Four, X-Men and Silver Surfer still have a lot of space. We’re just going to have to wait for the moment to see what Marvel Studios has decided in the coming months to share openly.

Besides the rumors of Silver Surfer, it was also said that Tyrant and Galactus will join the MCU. Both characters fit into the tale of the Silver Surfer, so we might expect some official announcements to come quickly.


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