PUBG Mobile 0.15 Update: Here’s What You’ll see

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PUBG Mobile, one of India’s most played mobile games, starts with you jumping to the island of the player. Invading your object is to collect everything you can to help you win, from clothing to medical equipment, to weapons, to a variety of weapons and weapons adjustments.

This game is about to be updated with version number0.15.0 and we are getting a lot of new exciting things in the game. In upgrade points, this has incredible changes and improvements compared to previous models.

The servers were brought down before the final launch for survival. It also encourages users to update the Parachute Trail before 22 October and the latest update to 2,000 BP. We have a look at the enhancements and functionality of this new update with the current PUBG Mobile 0.15 patch.

The key feature of the new update is undoubtedly the new payload mode, which you can access in the region of Evo Land, which already includes types such as TDM and Zombie. Payload mode lets the players activate an airborne attack helicopter while the players on the ground are equipped with heavy weapons, recovery methods, and Superweapon cases. The last remaining group or person will win. You can also revive your dead friend through the capture of their mark and the communications tower.

New heavy weapons, an alert feature, a helicopter, Vehicle Repair Pack and Super Weapon Crates come with Payload Mode! There are Air Strikes, too!

The most critical must be the helicopter. The game is introduced as vehicles for players to train and fly across the ground on helicopters on the map. And you can use it as a great weapon, according to your view, to wipe away your enemies and win the game.

Weapons RPG-7, M79 Grenade Launcher, MGL Launcher, M3E1-A, and M134 Minigun Payload Mode Weapons.

Fuel Drums Blow up and damage nearby players if pawned with bullets or throwing devices. It can be found on all graphs.

We also have a new ledge capture feature where the player can catch the corridors of buildings by jumping into previously inaccessible areas. Besides the batteries used to fuel your engine, they can burst when fired. To Survive Till Dawn there were some new developments and also some efficiency improvements.

Enhanced arms/outfits graphics, textures, design and lighting.

The main menu improved lighting and shadow.

When the camera-controlled finger acts, the joystick’s screen-control function is deactivated. When the finger is removed, the function is again accepted. It reduces range management mistakes, increases and enhances firing experience.


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