Child Who Was Thought To Be Dead Reconnects With Mother After 30 Years


After thirty years of thinking she had born a baby dead, a mother reconnected with that child. Tina Bejarano, 47, was only 17 when she was born in Los Banos, California. Tina’s mother told her one day after the baby girl was born that she died 15 minutes after birth.

Baby’s death was devastating

Bejarano recalls, “She comes back to me the next day and says,’ The baby died 15 minutes after the baby was born. It never did. It was sick.” Thus, for the next 29 years, Eric Gardere and her husband celebrated the baby’s birthday each year. No matter how long it took, it’s always been a painful experience. The mother said that every year it was a difficult time because she was constantly depressed and crying.

Gardere added that at that time of year his wife would go into “major depression.” Soon after the alleged death of the baby, Gardere and Bejarano got married. They share five children.

Her daughter subsequently persuaded Tina to obtain a 2017 DNA test kit. Afterward, she received an e-mail from a man living across the country in New Jersey.

The email reads: “I think we need to talk. It says that we are related, and it says that you are my mother. “Bejarano soon will discover a truth that will change her for a lifetime.
Bejarano said that his mother had been violent and told her that after birth she was unable to keep the baby. Bejarano’s daughter, Kristin, had adopted her baby for adoption and told her mother that her baby died.

Son in transition, mother, is glad he’s alive

Kristin told his mother how he grew up in Las Vegas and later became a person. Now he’s got a wife and a child.

Bejarano said she didn’t care about the transfer of her family. “I’m not responsible if he’s not changed.” She added that he’s her kid and she’s glad he’s alive.
Although he’s not the biological father of Kristin, Gardere still thinks of him as his brother. Every day, they were talking. In November, Bejarano will be visited by her son and his parents. For the first time, the mother-son couple will meet in person.

The mother said she wanted to cry just looking at Kristin.


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