Not So Good End Of “Game Of Thrones” Was The Result Of Pressure, Revealed Director Neil Marshall!!

Source: HBO

The eight most famous Games of Thrones seasons have given their audiences uncountable love and fame. GOT’s first season started in April 2011 and ends last season in May 2019. GOT’s 9-year ride was awesome. Yet viewers have not been pleased with the last season still.

The Director of GOT Comments

GOT’s boss, Neil Marshall, acknowledged that there was a real rush to last season. He also told us we’d have five more seasons to come up with. The stress to make the season eight, more exciting and fun, we just couldn’t bring all the stuff into season eight. Everybody, including directors, editors, and actors, was in the pressure.

The manager said that I would have taken a different approach to direct all the episodes of the eighth season, the same as “Blackwater” and “The Watchers on the Wall.” I would have brought all the tactics and expertise to it, especially to the scenes of battle and how war should be shown in front of the Watchers.

He said the fans accepted that I was rushed last season with all the criticism. Everybody ended up where they were supposed to be, but in the end there was a bit of rush.

Who’s responsible for the panic in the GOT finale And it’s hard to make a one-person guilty for the disappointing GOT season eight, because everyone who’s been part of GOT is part of that disappointment as well. GOT David Benioff and DB Weiss ‘ showrunners also said the finals were not faithful to their script. In short, it’s hard to point out someone because they’re all geniuses, and they’ve worked so incredibly hard to make both seasons successful.

Over 1,00,000 fans signed a petition after finishing the final episode of GOT season eight that the GOT finale must be made again.



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