Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker Releases On Dec 2019! Checkout For Cast, Trailer And Other Updates


Now, this week’s Star Wars: Skywalker’s Rise is now making its way.

The wait is over the fans of Star Wars. Star Wars Episode 9–’ Skywalker’s Rise’ is making its debut in the UK on December 19. The video itself is releasing this week. For all the fans, the wait is over. Everyone was waiting for what will be next in the show in anticipation.

Disney productions released the first teaser. It was a two-minute preview that was a recap of everything in the Star Wars series that happened before. The trailer has all the main characters from Star Wars.

The First Trailer and all about the Cast:

All the fans were curious about the character Rey after the trailer was released. Daisy Ridley is playing the character. Daisy was seen wearing a Darth Maul-like dark-colored hat. It makes us wonder if she’s going to join or not the dark evil side.

The video clip also includes a shot of Princess Leia before she died. We can witness Oscar Issac, Adam Driver, Kelly Marie, Lupita Gleeson, and Billie Lourd as well as other known faces.

Marrie Lourd’s video is from the unfinished Star Wars series ‘ seventh episode–The Force Awakens.

Naomi Ackie, Richard E Grant, Dominic Monaghan, and Keri Russell are the news casts that will join the Star Wars force for the first time.


The ninth part is expected to deliver with all the secret secrets, which is also the final part of the Star Wars series. We can say, according to the sources, that in this mind-boggling journey to the galaxy some heroes will be born.
The final battle for democracy is going to take place. This will certainly be massive.

With the announcement of the next trailer, the more about plot-based puzzles will be solved.


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