“This is mediocre”


Major companies are trying to reduce uncertainty.

Starbucks wants the best latte you purchase from them to be the same as the worst.

When you establish a spec and work hard to achieve it, you can do it so that the majority of things are within a reasonable distance. Which means much of what you do is normal.

If an entire industry fails to achieve the standard, we may describe it as mediocre. Not terrible, but definitely not exceptional (as’ exception’-al is self-explaining).

You have an option when you go to buy aluminum sidings, copywriting or consulting services: you may demand that the job comply with the industry’s specifications, a fairly priced item. Or you can look for something better than average worth paying for.

Most TV ads, most automotive services, most aircraft flights–it’s mediocre. This is an option. This is a choice.

If you want to buy an outstanding piece of art, you have to pay for it (and accept the risk that it might not perform as planned).


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