What Do Premiere Crowd Has To Say About Zombieland: Double Tap? Is It Worth Waiting?

Source: Movie Web

Fans need to wait for just a few more days to watch Zombieland’s sequel after a decade of long waiting. Zombieland’s sequel: Double Tap is set to hit the theaters on Friday, October 18 this week. The first part, that is, in 2009, came from Zombieland.

Zombieland: Double Tap had its premiere in Los Angeles last Thursday before its final release. Those lucky ones who had the opportunity to watch the film in advance have a very positive response to the film. We said Zombieland: Double Tap is worth a 10-year wait.

The original cast members we saw in Zombieland’s first part include Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg, Abigail Breslin, and Emma Stone. A group of new cast members will also be adding new roles to the film. The new ones are Thomas Middleditch (Silicon Valley), Zoey Deutch (Flower), Jane the Virgin (Rosario Dawson) and Luke Wilson (Old School).

Eisenberg confirmed that ten years later the movie will pick up with the characters trying to make a home in the abandoned White House. Explaining the sequel’s delay, Eisenberg said, “It took ten years to make it because we just insisted that the script is perfect — sounds like it should be clear, but that’s not always the case.”

Now that Zombieland’s release date: Double Tap is going by and by, the fans find it harder to suppress their enthusiasm. Those who watched the premiere say the film is comical and continues from where it left off in 2009 in Zombieland.


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