Will You Have Season 6 Of ‘Anthology’ Black Mirror? All Details Are Here


With Black Mirror’s freshest season now coming up on June 5th, many fans are wondering when Black Mirror Season 6 will hit our screens. In addition, the series has been airing on Channel 4 and Netflix since 2011. Here’s all you need to know about the sixth season of Black Mirror.

In the latest season, we did not get as much as usual, with a shorter series of three episodes each one an hour long. But there is no sign of Black Mirror stopping, as display runners Annabel Jones and Charlie Brooker continue to provide the enduring sci-fi anthology series with plenty of promise.

Brooker told Yahoo that,’ Perhaps we should cast someone like Barack Obama, he’d be great.’ The future of the series seems connected with the willingness of the producer to create new stories. Brooker said:’ I think we’ll stop when we run out of ideas.’

No casting details were announced for season six. In the past few seasons, a mix of emerging British talent (Daniel Kaluuya, Alex Lawther) and big stars (Jon Hamm, Miley Cyrus, Andrew Scott) has been hit.

For those worried that Black Mirror will stick to its reduced number of episodes, you probably know that it will only be six episodes in the next season. As reported, season 5 was shorter as a result of Bandersnatch’s development which took away resources from the main season.

Unfortunately, we don’t know when Black Mirror season 6 is just yet on Netflix. We heard rumors that by the end of the year another three new episodes will arrive. Our best bet, however, is that Black Mirror will return in 2020 for season 6.


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