15 Year Old Daughter Collapsed And Died After Choking On Food!


About the harrowing moment a heartbroken dad watched his teenage daughter die in front of him.

Abby Reese Beaumont started to cough and collapsed in her home’s kitchen floor.

Her dad Darren was 15 when she died and now seeks answers to her death.

Mr. Beaumont, Alison’s mother Abby and 13-year-old Jessica, have been awaiting answers about her cause of death for five months.

A pathologist said Abby had choked food and had provided “alien aspiration from the body due to meat” as a provisional cause of death.

Mr. Beaumont said he was going to Alun College, where Abby attended, to explain to her shocked fellow students what happened.

The 51-year-old commended the school and Abby’s friends for their “overwhelming” support from the disaster and paid them tribute for the sake of his parents.

He said:’ We have been sitting in limbo waiting to receive answers about Abby’s death for five months. We wanted to know what caused the death, we waited a long time and answered all the questions.

We figured Abby was in perfect health and she was in perfect health. It’s such a triste way to die and we were shocked by the rollercoaster of emotions.

‘But we want to express our gratitude to school and to the children, all of whom were so precious to us, that it was unbelievable.’ Next year a full inquest into the death of Abby will be held.


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