48 Year Old Chef Is Shoved Down Garden Steps And Killed By Lover In Wine-Fuelled Rage

Source:Daily Mail

Anya Pallade, 23, and Sister Iola paid a very touching homage to their “love” uncle, Frederic, 48, after having imprisoned his boyfriend for his massacre for four years.

Tragic Mr. Pallade was sent to “fly the sky” and smashed his head to the ground when partner Andrew Jones shot him down. It is known that the pair drank wine at their home when they had argument and Mr. Pallade wrote TV remotely.

Jones, 47, then “led Mr. Pallade out of the house and sent him a garden phase ride.

Mr. Pallade had “catastrophic damage to the brain” and a fractured spine and died in a hospital afterwards.

When he entered into a man’s relationship with him, Mr. Pallade had married two friends. Jones informed a court that he advised Mr. Pallade to “have fresh air and relax” when “groaning” him back.

Then the scenario hot, a shoot soon becomes a brawl that unintentionally causes Mr. Pallade to die on the spot.



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