5 Day Old Girl Found Buried In Cemetery By Parents Who Died In Hospital!

Source:Daily Mail

A 5-day-old girl found buried alive in a graveyard in India is thought to have caused a female child murder, a disease that long struck the nation. The child was found buried by a couple digging a grave for their own daughter, who had died in hospital shortly after she had been born.

The baby, which was found to weigh just 3.3 pounds, was sent to a nearby hospital where she was treated for a number of infections and respiratory problems.

Police are currently looking for parents of the child who could be suspected of attempted killings and the neglect of children if they are found.

In certain parts of India, female feticide and murder or the deliberate attempt to kill the fetal or newborn female are both shockingly common, despite policies that have stopped the centuries-old practices.


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