A Bradenton Mother Is Charged With Beating Child, Which Ended The Child Having 55 Stitches, Police Says


A Bradenton resident is charged with assault, aggravated child abuse, as stated in the Bradenton Police Department, after having beaten the kid with a metal broom handle.

Police officers say, 32-year old Tabitha Rhodes not only struck her 13-year-old girl with a metal barbed but shot it at the kid and kept hitting the victim after it fell.

Officials of the police say the episode happened on October 6. Police received the report from the Child Protective Services Division in the Manatee County Sheriff on 15 October and received an arrest warrant after an investigation. Rhodes was taken into custody on Wednesday.

During the investigation, police officers said that the child initially lied to school officials after a series of cuts were discovered in the child’s body. The child explained how Rhodes started to attack.

The arrest warrant states that his mother struck him with the broom several times but didn’t suffer cuts before the broom snapped, so she remained furious at his overnight bathroom incident to hit him.

After the “thrashing,” Rhodes went to his room and saw the injuries and took the child to the Manatee Memorial Hospital.

According to the report, before taking the child in medical care, Rhodes pleaded for integrity and even provided him with a false story that he had a fight with the neighborhood boys and was pushed into a forest.

“Don’t tell anybody, or you can’t see me,” his mom said to the boy.

The kid needed 10 points on one of his arm cuts and 45 points on his back.

According to documents, the woman was booked into Manatee County jail without bail.

A mother of Bradenton is charged with beating the baby which ends with 55 policemen


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