A Mother Confessed She Accidentally Kicked Her Baby Before He Died, Police Says Facebook Twitter Pinterest


A mother who has been charged with child abuse for killing her 1-year-old child. Detectives said she kicked her boy unintentionally while they both slept.

Elizabeth Castillo said she woke up early, but the boy didn’t. And because he did not make any sounds, she said she didn’t think much of it and went back to sleep.

“She said something to the effect that something as small could not be recognized could turn out to be so large,” police officials wrote in the report.

Three days later, baby Sebastian was unconscious from sudden trauma to his abdomen, police say, alleging that Castillo “willfully” injured him.

Defense lawyer Jack Buchanan told officials that he had only been sent with the four-page report on detention on Tuesday. The information in the report does not differentiate his customer from someone who “deliberately injures his son,” he said.

Castillo confirmed her integrity, Buchanan said, adding that the charges will be brought to justice. The event of North Las Vegas is in its previous stages.

In the meantime, Castillo, who was held on 9 October, had been charged on a visible body damage count for child abuse and was imprisoned in the $1 million secured Clark County Detention Centre.

His grandmother later remembered he went to bed on Sunday night. Hours later, when the boy stopped breathing, medics were called.

Soon thereafter he died at the University Medical Center.

An inquiry into his body revealed the scars of his little frame everywhere, police officials said in a statement. An internal examination revealed critical damage to the abdomen.

Upon her son’s death, investigators investigated Castillo’s unusual behavior. He reported that he suspected that his father’s home was physically abused by the child.

Police claimed during a meeting with police that cremating the body would destroy evidence. She refused to hit the baby until a polygraph examination was administered.

Castillo said she had suggested charges against the father of the boy in August because she had not considered asking how the baby was allegedly wounded.


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