Abandoned Infant Was Found In Plastic Bag Was Only A Few Hours Old, Seymour Police Says


Police say a baby was only a few moments old when she was discovered in Seymour’s plastic bag on Tuesday night 15 October.

Indiana Seymour State Police is currently investigating the case. According to police, there is no evidence of who the parent is, but a person checked a baby in the police station on Tuesday. Police say they’re not sure whether or not he understood this, so they recommended that they speak to him on Wednesday.

“Other than him coming in yesterday and talking about a child, we don’t know very much, because when he arrived there was an impediment to contact with the man,” said Det. Sgt. C.J. Foster of the police dept. Seymour.

Prosecutors say that they’re not sure how long the kid was left outside but she was born just hours before she was stuck on South Jackson Park Road, based on whatever medical staff consider.

Police say someone walking their dog found the boy just before 4 p.m.

“The dog was clearly moving towards the place the baby was found to be, almost like leading its owner like this,” said Police Officer Foster. “The owner saw some moving inside a bag and took the bag and inside the bag was a baby.” Officials of the police said the child was hidden in a towel, placed inside a plastic bag next to a hedge. The police said the baby was checked and looked healthy.

The police investigate anyone who knows the identity of the daughter. Although she could face charges, officials say that their main interest is to ensure that she receives medical care.


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