An Infant Was Found Alive In Bag Along Southern Indiana Road, Police Confirms The Infant Is Healthy And Stable

Source:Daily Mail

Police in the south of Indiana claim that a baby found abandoned in a bag left next to a street is alive and safe.

Seymour police say a person walks his pet found the baby Tuesday night at a fence about 20 meters from a street on the southeast side of Seymour.

Officers were called to the scene where the baby was identified and rushed to Seymour’s medical center to ensure that the baby was safe.

Investigator Sgt. C.J. Foster states in a statement that there have still been no arrests and that the event is still under inspection.

In the town about 60 miles south of Indianapolis, Sgt. C.J. Foster says it has a baby box in one of the fire stations where people can give up babies anonymously and without fear of prosecution.

An Infant Was found Alive In Bag Along Southern Indiana Road, The Child Is Healthy And Stable Police Confirms.


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