‘I felt Preyed’ A Mother Told After She Found Assistant Principle Preyed For Her Son For Physical Intimacy

Source":Daily Mail

A parent loosened up to the source after she said that her son’s high school assistant principal was bringing him in for a physical assault.

I’m deceived by the character I gave to my kid because I wanted it so bad,” she said.

Lisa Rothwell, Senior Assistant, Stuart W. Cramer High School, is faced with six counts of assault following the police’s admission to a physical relationship with a 17-year-old student.

The student’s mother contacted sources to share her pain, after telling Rothwell that she had taken advantage of her boy in one of his most vulnerable moments.

He said he made great strides, and that Rothwell also told her that she was ready to say the name of her son about the significance he had crossed the path to graduate.

The boy’s mother said first that Rothwell, who is known to be attached to students, did nothing that no one else could do to make her son intrigued again in school.

Then the mother said she got a telephone call from the school saying Rothwell did much more than her kid was learning.

“You have those personalities here that you feel your child can protect and discover are preying on your child and it is tough on a mother,” she added.

At some point, she said sources that Rothwell started to contact her boy outside school and things became intimate.

“It’s the sickest thing I’ve ever experienced,” she said. “It’s hard to feel like a character that you always believed was deceiving you. He felt like for once someone had realized it was relevant and I feel like he had forgotten the innocence of being a teenager,” she said.

Things started losing control when Rothwell’s mother told him to pretend to be a prevalent wife and to see what her son talked and what he was doing.

According to the police officers, one day a classmate posted a tweet about an assistant manager who grew too close to the students.

After she was called for her boy, the mother said she was going to the school and when she saw her boy in her face, she told sources that she knew it was wrong.

“I am so thankful she served so many people, but anything that had to make me so different? Where was my cooperation?”The mother said that. “Is it OK to spare this child for all welfare?”The last point she talked to Rothwell was a week before her arrest, according to the parent, and they organized collectively a party for her son’s graduation.

“Everything was a disappointment,” she continued. Rothwell was jailed with a $1 million bond, but a judge lowered the bond to $100,000 and bailed it out. “I’m not going to believe it again about my daughter.”

Rothwell’s school district was disbanded.


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