‘Patriot Act’ Volume 5 With Hasan Minhaj To Return With Season 5 This November, Here’s Every Detail Of It

Source:Entertainment Weekly

In October 2018, Netflix began discharging Hasan Minhaj’s Patriot Act, and is now one of Netflix’s best TV shows. Netflix has released five volumes, making it Netflix’s longest-running TV show, despite the fact that Chelsea is winning so many scenes, as far as the number of seasons is concerned.

With regard to the fruitfulness of the series, considering that we don’t have official reviews from Netflix. If you see Google trends, you can easily see that the show is generally reliable for the streamer.

In Volume 4 of the series, which lasted about one month and a half, we saw Hasan coping with the progress of new scenes dealing with issues such as the police system, luxury boats, travel, computer games and Canada. One of the characteristic scenes of the time, as we might imagine, was the Fentanyl scene.

When will season 5 of the Patriot Act be on Netflix?

Luckily, Netflix has the fifth volume greenlit.

We planned six new scenes in the Patriot Act for volume 4, but Netflix seems to have expanded it to seven. This is presumably because the last scene refers to Christmas.

Many people have pointed out Hasan Minhaj’s show and Netflix’s regular picking up of the Great British Bak Show as a move to Netflix to how they stream content. They have been making discharges week after week for the real world and syndicated programs for more than three years now.


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