While Leaning Out Of Train Window, Woman Tragically killed

Source:The Son

A woman was dead as she leaned an inadequate warning sign from a train window underneath, a report said.
A tree branch struck Bethan Roper, 28 years old, while moving on the Great Western Railway (GWR) at about 75 mph (120 km/h) near Twerton, Bath on board.

Even, since 2009, the Rail Accident Investigation Branch (RAIB) has found that trees have not been checked along the road. After Ms. Roper’s departure, signs around the door are replaced.

The inquiry revealed that on 1 December 2018, Ms. Roper came back from Bath Spa station in Penarth, South Wales. She was with family, and the RAIB said “at least one other friend leaned out before[ Ms] from the door. Roper]. “Roper.

Witnesses told police that for some seconds Ms Roper took her face off the window before returning to the vestibule.

Despite efforts by other passengers, including some with medical training, at the Bristol station, the report stated that she was declared dead.

After a previous passenger suicide, GWR finished a risk assessment of its droplight windows.

By May 2018, she had intended to add improved warning signs, but this had not happened when Mrs Roper died, researchers found.

GWR told the researchers it didn’t fulfill its plan because two employees involved in the project left the company and a program that monitored workpieces declined.



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