Windows Phone 8.1 End Of Support To Microsoft Store.


Microsoft has sad news about the few remaining Lumia customers who are still using Windows Phone 8.1 phones. The corporation has announced that it will shut down the Microsoft Store entrance to all those users from 16 December, officially shining the long-delayed operating system. Fortunately, however, most applications previously downloaded from the Store should still function.

On 11 July 2017, Microsoft previously ended Windows Phone 8.1 support, so it was not shocking that Windows 10 Mobile support ended. Microsoft is now focused on developing apps and services for iOS and Android phones. The giant software has taken Android as Windows ‘ mobile version, with an Ios interface and the next update that shows support. Existing Windows 10 Mobile users are now selecting their mobile needs between iOS and Android.

Microsoft announced in a recent weekly update to its default support pages: Windows Phone 8.1 Store will be closing on December 16, 2019. Users can not install any additional apps to the device. There may be a disgraceful application functionality, as updates are unavailable from the Store… Reinstalling applications will no longer be feasible. If a user uninstalls an app from the phone, such an app will not be restored.

Notice that the official Microsoft app store will be available for Windows 10 Mobile, and users with a Lumia smartphone running Windows Phone 8.1 can look again to see if the update is ready for their phone set. The following should be updated. Windows 10 Mobile is either previously unavailable or will have much more excellent features and more reliable support from apps and services, including access to the Microsoft Store, for at least some time longer by the time this year is over.


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