Woman Reveals How Her sister Was Brutally Murdered By Her Husband!

Source:Angle News

A woman revealed how a 4-year-old son of her sister saw his mother killed–after the beat and shot of her husband.

Maryland’s 35-year-old Sarah LaMantia reveals how her jealous husband Jason was shot at her sister Steff–who bragged about his famous serial killer and was obsessed with violence.

At first they thought she had only died when they saw her abandoned jeep, but when the police interviewed her son Brody he discovered how he had witnessed his mom’s killing:’ Dad put his mother in the bathroom and shot her in a pistol, boom, bang!’

During Jason’s second-degree murder arrest, Sarah adopted Brody in January 2013 and is now calling her and her husband moms and father.

On Sunday, November 20, the police apparently took Fish and Brody for questioning after Stephanie’s jeep had been identified.

Fish had been arrested and then convicted and he told them where the body of my sister was–that was horrible, so we thanked her for finding her.


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