Woman Who Suffocated Her Boyfriend When She Sat On His Face Charged With Domestic Abuse!


A woman has pleaded guilty to domestic violence against her husband who complained that when she sat on his face he almost suffocated and demanded physical actions.

The guy was’ scared to death’ when Amy Nicole Parrino, 44, ran round her home naked, reportedly beat him on a belt, a brass table, a cell phone and struck him twenty-five times with his open and closed hands.

The victim reported that Parrino forced him to the ground and sat on his face at around 9.45 pm, at which point he was unable to breathe.

The boyfriend felt sick to my stomach and asked his friend, who was an assistant to a mortuary embalmer, to’ leave him alone.’ The responding police officer said he saw one cut in his right arm as well as another cut in his left arm, which was three or four inches long.

The cop said that the victim told him his nose was cut by the woman sitting on his face and that he had red marks on his head.

Parrino was charged with a first degree count of physical abuse and a third degree count of domestic assault.

She was sentenced last month to three years in prison for an attack conviction but a judge of the Circuit Court suspended the sentence and placed it on probation for five years.


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